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do you realize how toxic windshield washer fluid is? it’s known to be one of the most dangerous things found in the garage. this blue liquid contains methanol, a poison. just one teaspoon accidentally swallowed can cause irreversible blindness and potentially death. now think about where that fluid goes after you mindlessly spray it on your windshield. into the street. into the street drains. into our water system. yum.

before you throw away that gallon jug after finishing your last drip of wiper fluid, save it. here’s an easy diy windshield washer fluid that is biodegradable and if accidentally swallowed, well you might get a little tipsy.


  • 1 empty (clean) gallon jug
  • 8 oz. everclear (double this amount in extremely cold weather)
  • 1 oz. liquid castile soap (we use lavender scent because it smells great)


  1. pour the alcohol into the empty jug.
  2. fill the jug with water, leaving room for the soap.
  3. slowly add the soap.
  4. cap and gently tip upside down a few times to mix ingredients.
  5. pour fluid into the correct compartment under your car hood.


  • use the fluid to clean the rest of the windows in your car or home
  • clean counter tops and shine faucets
  • you saved some money! this recipe should have cost around $0.90 per gallon vs. $3.16 for the commercial brands. that’s a savings of more than 350%!

recipe credit here.