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as the coronavirus covid-19 has become a pandemic across the planet, we face panic and fear. we are quickly becoming burdened with uncertainty while loved ones are falling sick and businesses are forced to close while we question how we will put food on the table. staying home and away from others can leave us feeling isolated and alone through a traumatic time. we may feel that our only connection to society is through the news, which is only adding to our stress and anxiety around the situation.

during a pandemic, we must remember our basic needs while we reflect on what is most important and close to us. so whether you’re sitting at home wondering if your business will survive or if your working at a hospital helping the sick and unsure if you are safe – now, more than ever, is time to focus on your basic needs.

  1. air – are you breathing? maybe you are but you feel like your suffocating. don’t forget to slow down and breathe!
  2. water – do you have access to clean drinking water? stay hydrated and keep washing those hands!
  3. food – are you eating a healthy, mostly plant based diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables? keep your diet clean and your immune system strong!
  4. shelter – are you safe? do you have protection from the cold? staying warm will help your body function efficiently.
  5. sleep – are you getting adequate rest and deep sleep? sleep is key in fighting off viruses and infection.

have gratitude your basic needs are being met. gratitude for our bodies, our homes, our loved ones. gratitude for being able to experience this human life. while we live in uncertainty, stay educated and aware of what is going on but also stay present in your own lives.

lastly, look for the lessons to learn here. could it be possible that we are being forced to slow down by some higher power? forced to leave our busy lives and return home to the basics? is this the way the Earth will rebalance its ecosystems? how does all of this chaos relate to our inpact on the planet? how dependent are we on the things that aren’t necessary for life? will this experience change the way we live our lives? 

please be kind and mindful to each other and yourselves. thanks for reading <3