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about the humble sage

hello and thank you for joining in on my journey. my name is megan and i am a potter, and a dog mom, kitty mom, trail runner, hiker, skier, archer, hunter, homesteader, gardener, crafter, and the list goes on. i started the humble sage as just a place to share my ways of living a humble, nature-driven lifestyle with the world. somewhere along the road i decided to start selling my pottery. 

my pottery story

freshman year of high school i took a pottery class with my friends. i’ll never forget making my first coil pot. i decided on building a woman’s torso, from the neck to the belly button. the school’s principle walked in as i was finishing the breasts and demanded i cover the nipples with something! i went with an edgy, “x” black tape idea which went along well with my “emo” vibe. i joined ceramics club later in high school and vowed to one day have my own pottery studio!

it wasn’t until several years after college that i found my love for pottery again. it was serendipitous really. i was visiting my mom and she needed help picking up some stained glass from a neighbor. upon entering the neighbors yard to collect the glass, i saw a dirty, cobwebbed-covered kick wheel! he said he wanted to get rid of the old thing and it only took me a second before i called my husband and told him we would be bringing a kick wheel home and it would occupy our garage.

i jumped right back into pottery and even took classes at the local clay center. i volunteered frequently at their art showings so i could use their kiln. years later, i purchased a used kiln and electric wheel that have served me well at our new home in old snowmass. i am now blessed to have my very own pottery studio in my home.